Hammond XK-1 The Legend Lives On ....

Using exactly the same VASE III sound engine as the new B3 and XK-3c the XK-1 is an ideal first step into the world of owning and playing a "REAL HAMMOND ORGAN"

Thats not to say that the XK-1 is just a beginners instrument, there already many players using the XK-1 on world tours with great effect and enthusiasm.

At an unbelievable low price XK-1 drawbar keyboards will give the aspiring Hammond Player a true experience in that special Hammond feel and sound. Its not just about the sound, its about the way it reacts to your musical moods and offers limitless textures in creative and unique expression.

That's not all. It has mappable internal and external velocity sensitive MIDI zones so makes a nice controller for your outboard gear as well. Oh and just for good measure, we have included a few extra internal voices like electric piano, clavs, and synths.

Connect a XPK bass pedal unit and you have the ultimate compact and portable single manual 'spinet organ'

XK-1 and XM-2
The keyboard splits and you have separate control over the drawbar settings for upper- lower - and bass pedals
"this keyboard plays and reacts like a true Hammond. Its not just about sound .. its about the feeling and inspiration you get from a Hammond. This baby has it all..."
Malc Deakin (Product Specialist) Hammond player for over 40 years

Meet the Hammond XK-1 and XM-2

Derived from same technology as the already legendary New B-3.

Now we have a very inexpensive portable drawbar keyboard with digital tone-wheels

The XK1 will fill the gap in the range for those of you who want a 'Real Hammond Organ' but do not want to run to the expense of an XK-3c

The Legend Lives on....

Our best on board Leslie Simulator yet Accurate all important Digital VIBRATO Scanner. Thats what gives that classic cool sound on the blues and jazz stuff. If you really want to kick.... there is also an onboard Leslie Out Socket for the new range of 3300 Leslie speakers. (8 pin connecting lead required)

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