Now with Built In Leslie Simulator - MIDI Bass Pedal input for 20 and 13 note MIDI Bass Units + much more .

This is it .....The grandfather of them all .... Critically acclaimed by all who grace its console including the 'Late Great Jimmy Smith' the New B-3 is the Ultimate in the Hammond Organ Playing Experience

You will not believe how accurate the New B-3 is until you try and hear it for yourself.

Its not just about the sound. Its about the feel, the feedback, the tactility, the unlimited expressive variations of the tonewheel. The New B-3 delivers all this and more ...
Meet the New B-3mk2

This is the ULTIMATE Hammond Organ

Check it out and very will be impressed

Waterfall keys & harmonic drawbars

Only Hammond, inspired on the longest tradition of drawbar-generation, can offer you the experience and emotion of such truly "virtual tone-wheel generation"...

Mechanical multi-contact system
It is by utilising several tone varying features that the B3 performs so uniquely. Upper and lower pitch foldback subtly effects the overall sound, while, probably, the most important and interesting feature is the nine key contact system operating on each key. These contacts connect from each of the nine drawbar pitches and by pressing a key slowly each pitch level can be determined, high to low. This system created the earliest form of touch response for tone variance as well as expression. This mechanical contact system is also responsible for Hammond's famous key click noise, an unintended feature that became an essential component of the B3 character. The new B3 incorporates a complete mechanical contact system, totally unique in a modern instrument.

Two, 61 note, B3 style, waterfall key, keyboards allow for the essential performance characteristics of the Hammond masters, especially effortless palm glissandos. While four complete sets of nine traditional harmonic drawbars and twenty four reverse colour key presets achieve total ease of set up.

Meet the B-3 mk2

New on Board Leslie Simulator

The Only Way to play in that very special Hammond Style is to use a real Hammond Organ

Stunning Authentic Retro Styling

Phenomenal Stage Presence

A 100% Real Hammond Organ Playing Experience


Awesome Sound in any style of music

Just Like the original if you just feather touch the keys you only produce the sound of the 1' drawbar and then progressively trigger the other 8

Poertable Pro B-3 mk2

B3 expression curve
Sound dynamics are controlled by an exact copy of the original B3 expression curve incorporated in the new instruments foot volume controller.

The challenge for many years has been to recreate the look, sound and feel of this legendary keyboard instrument. Only Hammond has the qualifications and knowledge to accurately achieve this

Now the B3 is re- born...
The Legend Lives on...
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Hammond Player

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